• Target Health Check feature?

    One of the services that I offer at RoundTower to my customers is the vSphere Health Check report. We use RVTools and...
  • Plan Report: More Detail for un-placed VM

    Hi I use the Planing Tool and disable all provisioning posibilities (this to see what's happen with the current envi...
    Bookmarked 4 years ago by rene.schaerer
  • Green Circle Feed Custom Dashboard

    Allow internet connected devices to connect to Green Circle through a custom dashboard widget. 
    Matt Ray
    Bookmarked 4 years ago by Matt Ray
  • Datastore Capacity - Auto Calculate

    I'm looking to get better usage % numbers from my datastores when it comes to IOPS.  I know the default capacity...
    Bookmarked 4 years ago by mike.laak
  • Support for iOS

    I just received my new iPhone 6+ and it sure would be nice to be able to logon to VMT with it. I have even tried usin...
    David Bordne
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  • topology overview diagram

    It would be nice if we could possibly create a topology diagram report that we could export since vmturbo knows all t...