• Latest Release Notes

    **Updated January 16, 2018**   6.0.4 is now available for update via offline update in addition to update 4 for...
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  • Daily Report

    I've been using the vCheck report from Virtu-Al for years, and I'm hoping to be able to replace it with either a cann...
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  • Autoscaling

    Hi, I am looking for a tool for auto scaling of our private cloud which runs on vmware. Please let me know if vmturb...
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    *****Please find the full Idle VM Custom Report here*****  Hi,    i am trying to create a custom rep...
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  • Rest API for Action Settings

    We're migrating hosts to an entirely new vCenter. Both vCenters are accessible by VMTurbo.   We have VMTurbo po...
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  • Validation of Hyper-V Hosts fails every time after updating the VMTurbo Appliance

    We have an issue with VMTurbo in that every time we update the appliance it then fails to validate all Hyper-V hosts....
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  • Migrating hosts to a new vCenter Appliance - VMTurbo Config Changes

    I am going to be migrating our hosts from a HA/DRS cluster managed by vCenter on Windows over to a new cluster manage...
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  • Sys Notification: Healthcheck: stale NTP alarm?

    I upgraded to OPMan 5.6 (build 44755) the Satruday it was released and the following Sunday morning had a new System ...
  • EMC Reports

    Hello,   I am wondering if anyone has found or created any reports for EMC? I am looking for items that pull fo...
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  • Best Practice for VMware DRS Settings?

    I have been using VMTurbo to move/place virtual machines based on VMTurbo recommendations.  However, VMware DRS ...
  • How to put vmturbo instances in cluster for 30000 VM's estate ?

    How to put vmturbo instances in cluster for 30000 VM's estate ?
  • Uptime and Replication Health

    We have recently setup VMTurbo to help manage our HyperV hosts. Before VMTurbo, we had a custom script run on the hos...
  • Powered OFF VM's List by date

    Hey guys,   Does anyone have a query to pull out all the powered OFF Vm's list by last accessed/powered off date ?
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  • Drive Usage Report

    Does anyone know how to create a drive space usage report for a particular drive on a server? I just want to see the ...
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  • Regular Expression Help

    Hopefully this is an easy one , what is the Regular Expression to search on a character in a certain position of a VM...
  • Host failure notification

    I've just fired up the virtual appliance, and have added 3 vcenter datacenters for testing purposes Suddenly while i...
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  • Report of VM Name and Two Custom Annotations from VC

    I need to generate a VM Backup Report for all systems.  We utilize NetBackup and it is setup to edit two custom ...
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  • Cluster Capacity Dashboard Empty

    Hi Guys,   My Cluster Capacity Dashboard is empty and displays a message "Cluster data not available".  Th...
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  • VM OS dashboard - List of VM with OS

    About the Dashboard VM OS. The information is pretty useful. However insteand of pie chart that can we get the full ...
  • What's your "Must Read!" book that you suggest for IT?

    Make sure to drop on by the Industry Perspectives area and add your comment to this post with your suggestions of whi...
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