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Unified Collection installation method using ELK stack (ELK - Elasticsearch Logstash and Kibana)   Collection of Data Please download the collection scripts at this link. Python3 is a prerequisite for running Unified Collection scripts. See below a separate set of instructions.   Download and copy the file to /root/unified_collection onto your…
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This brief Jumpstart video, appropriate for all new and potential customers, will help you get started with Turbonomic. Expert instructors introduce the technology and show you how it will ensure application QoS while maximizing the efficiency of your environment.   View this brief video for an introduction to Turbonomic's new user interface.  …
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Click to view contentWhen my kids were little, I sent them to Economics Camp.   I know what you are thinking, "What kind of warped Dad sends his impressionable children to study the dismal science?"   Well, I did, and they loved it.     One of their favorite activities that day was an exercise to show how restraints of trade are bad.  If you have ever taken a class…
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Since its introduction, blockchain has rapidly outgrown its own original ambitions. The numbers speak for themselves, after initial coin offerings raised massive sums of money for blockchain-based projects in the last two years. Even after raising $5 billion in 2017, the industry has already surpassed that number in 2018 with no signs of… (Show more)
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ACE 6.1 Delta training was designed to familiarize people previously ACE-certified with the interface and functionality of 6.1.  Over 90 people registered for the two-hour sessions conducted by senior technical trainers Rebecca Golden and Divya Singal.  Below are recordings of those sessions:   1)  New UI Walkthrough …
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