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Customer Jumpstart Training Recording

Blog Post created by Michael Scott Expert on Jun 3, 2015

Hi Green Circle-ians!


Did you know that we have Free Trainings the first Monday of every month?  Register for future sessions Here: http://turbonomic.com/new-customer-jumpstart/


If you missed the training session yesterday or just want to re-watch the recording please see below!



The session will introduce you to the breakthrough technology that drives VMTurbo Operations Manager, and demonstrate how it assures application performance while utilizing virtualized and cloud infrastructure resources as efficiently as possible.

Who will Benefit: enterprise and virtualization architects, capacity planners, system administrators, and IT and support personnel. There is no limit to who can participate from your organization.

Some of the key lessons they will take away include:

  • Preventing problems in your virtual environment before they occur
  • Using VMTurbo recommendations for workload placement to maximize efficiency
  • Exploring the wealth of information to gain visibility and insight into your virtual environment
  • Using VMTurbo to analyze historical trends
  • Customizing the VMTurbo dashboards
  • Planning for projected workload fluctuations and hardware migrations
  • Investigating how infrastructure changes would affect performance and efficiency


We have other training options as well including On Site training, and personalized 4 HR remote training: http://turbonomic.com/training-and-services/education/


Email education@turbonomic.com if your interested in learning more - or - as always, email our Customer Experience Team - cxteam@turbonomic.com and they can help you out as well!!