• AngularJS Expressions vs. JavaScript Expressions

    AngularJS expressions are like JavaScript expressions with the following differences: Context: JavaScript expressions are evaluated against the global window. In AngularJS, expressions are evaluated against...
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  • Scenarios of MS Dynamics CRM 2011 Online Usage in Windows Azure Hosted Applications and Silverlight Applications with Cross Domain Access

    Scenario: Direct Access from Silverlight to Dynamics CRM 2011 Online   The standard approach to our case is to host an application as a Windows Azure web site. The web site will host a Silverlight application. T...
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  • Customer Jumpstart Training Recording

    Hi Green Circle-ians!   Did you know that we have Free Trainings the first Monday of every month?  Register for future sessions Here: http://turbonomic.com/new-customer-jumpstart/   If you missed the tr...
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  • New Customer Jumpstart Training Schedule

    In order to get our new customers acclimated as quickly as possible, we offer a FREE monthly Jumpstart session on the first Thursday of every month. This free, one-hour webinar will ensure that you have everything you...
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  • Economics Links

    At the core, our product harnesses market forces to solve a very real and very complex problem: how to coordinate disparate bits of knowledge into action with the goal of optimal resource allocation (resources going t...
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  • VMTurbo Operations Manager Training Courses

    Explore VMTurbo Operations Manager training offerings. Here: http://go.vmturbo.com/pso-training-request.html
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  • VMTurbo Technology Overview (recorded)

    This training video was updated on February 25, 2014 and introduces the VMTurbo Technology     To watch the video on Vimeo click here
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