Coming Soon: Green Circle Store

Blog Post created by corey.field Expert on Aug 21, 2014

Hey fellow GC's, I have an awesome update to share with you!


For the past few months, you have all been earning points for your participation in our community. Those points are actually worth something now! Very shortly, we will be rolling out a store that will allow you to redeem Green Circle swag in exchange for your points!


The following are the initial items that will be available. If you have a suggestion for another item, please comment! We'd love to hear your feedback.


Green Circle Stress BallSqueeze your frustrations away with your Green Circle foam stress ball.Green Circle Items (5).jpg
Green Circle Logo T-ShirtRock this awesome "superman style" Green Circle
Green Circle 16 oz. Travel TumblerBring your favorite beverage along with you in this stainless steal travel tumbler!Green Circle Items (4).jpg
Green Circle Solar Powered Portable Charger

Charge your phone or media device anywhere (assuming you don't live in the dark).This solar powered charger comes with a USB cable provided to charge built-in battery via a computer.


3-in-1 charging cable included: iPhone (30pin), Micro USB, & Mini USB. Built-in USB port to charge all mobile devices & tablets.


Battery Capacity: 1,200mAh

Green Circle Items (1).jpgGreen Circle Items (2).jpg

Green Circle Beats by Dre™ Headphones

Pretty self explanatory and



I hope you're all as excited as I am! Happy participating!