How To: Green Circle Store

Blog Post created by corey.field Expert on Aug 27, 2014

Please use this as a step by step guide to purchasing items from the Green Circle Store.


"Total Points"

This is the total number of points you've been awarded. It is the same number reflected on your profile and on the Leaderboard.


"Available Balance"

This is Total Points minus any previous redeemed items.

Ex. If you have 300 total points and you redeem as stress ball for 250 points, your "Available Balance" is 50 points.


Note: Your position on the Leaderboard DOES NOT decrease when you redeem an item.





In this example, the user has earned 20,000 points in the community. Thus, making the user eligible to redeem all five current items.


Step 1


Navigate to the Green Circle Store.


Step 2


Browse the catalog for awesome Green Circle Gear. Note that some items may be locked if you do not have enough points.


Step 3


Let's redeem a stress ball.

Click the "Purchase" button on the bottom right of the box.


When you click "Purchase" the item box will turn around and you will be prompted to confirm your intent to redeem.


Click the "Confirm" button if you want to order the item and click "Cancel" if you want to go back.



When you click "Confirm", the item box will flip around again. Please ONLY CLICK ONCE as multiple clicks will result in multiple redemption of the same item.


You will notice that since you started out with 20,000 points and redeemed a 250 point stress ball, your total "Available Balance" is now 19,750.



Refresh your page and you will see that the headphones are now locked.


No, you can't "trick the system" and purchase them, too, when they appear unlocked. It won't work. We tried.


Step 4


You will receive an email from a VMTurbo employee at the email address associated with your Green Circle account in order to get shipping information.


Step 5


Get your gift and LOVE IT.



If you have a question, don't hesitate to comment!