1st Annual Green Circle Award Winners

Blog Post created by chris.graham Expert on Sep 10, 2014

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Several weeks ago, on a balmy evening in San Francisco, in a posh little hangout called 25 Lusk, VMTurbo bestowed its first annual round of Green Circle Awards - a discrete set of honors awarded to our finest customers, who have used VMTurbo to advance the state of Information Technology, and specifically, Cloud and Virtualization, in their respective industries. Here, we publicly honor our winners again:


  • The Green Circle Trendsetter Award | Aetna | For its installation of 30,000 VDI seats and SCORCH integration


  • The Green Circle Pacesetter Award | JP Morgan Chase | For controlling more than 41,000 VMs under VMTurbo


  • The Green Circle Innovator Award | RBC | For fully automating 50% of its production clusters with VMTurbo


  • The Green Circle Innovator Award | Bell Canada | For its creative leveraging of the VMTurbo API


  • The Green Circle Early Adopter Award | Houston Methodist Hospital | For being a true believer, fully automating storage vMotions with VMTurbo - prior to purchase


  • The Green Circle Converged Customer Award | Black Knight Financials | For operationalizing VMTurbo across several subsidiaries, business units and teams to improve service performance for all


  • The Green Circle Cloud Customer Award | Kronos | For leveraging VMTurbo in its customer-facing cloud environment to help deliver superior service quality and delivery across the world


  • The Green Circle Super User Award | kevin.robbins | For fully embracing The Green Circle Community on Day 1



About The Green Circle Awards


In June 2014, VMTurbo launched The Green Circle Community, a self-proclaimed online community of innovators, virtualization experts, and forward-thinking IT pros. Inspired by the green circle of health from the VMTurbo user interface, The Green Circle Community is home to VMTurbo's more than 1,000 customers, and encompasses an IT philosophy of "a better, smarter way." It is a place occupied by the brightest minds in virtualization.


The 1st Annual Green Circle Awards is a series of awards honoring VMTurbo's customers, who have not only converged their environments to a Desired State, but have also contributed to the advancement of a smarter IT, and because of it, a better world. The Green Circle Awards were awarded live on August 25, 2014 at VMTurbo's VMworld VIP Reception in San Francisco, California.