The Trek for Points Continues; Earn 50 Points Easy and Get Closer to Becoming a GC Leader!

Blog Post created by Expert on Feb 20, 2015

Looking for more points? By following or liking VMTurbo’s social media channels, you can earn up to 50 points!  With your points you can buy some green circle swag from our greencircle store or get a higher spot on our leader board.


I love points…how do I earn them?


Step 1: Follow/Like as many social media channels as possible

a) Follow @VMTGreenCircle on Twitter: 10 Points

b) Follow @VMTurbo on Twitter: 10 Points

c) Like VMTurbo on Facebook: 10 Points

d) Follow VMTurbo on Linkedin: 10 Points

e) Follow VMTurbo on Google+: 10 Points


Step 2: Send a direct message with your Green Circle Username and Social Media Username/Email Address Associated with Account to on the GCC


And you’re done, it’s that easy!


Want even more points? Check out our updated list of actions here: