#SysAdminLifein5Words - Best Tweets from SysAdminDay, Add Yours

Blog Post created by Expert on Aug 14, 2015

On July 31st, we celebrated SysAdmin Day at VMTurbo. From a blog post deeming all SysAdmins King for a Day, to a special edition email, and my personal favorite (as the social guru for VMTurbo) a Twitter contest, it was a fun day at VMTurbo.


Twitterers were asked to tweet about their SysAdmin Life in 5 words by using the hashtag #SysAdminLifein5words.  The twitterer who earned the most RTs by midnight on August 2nd won a $100 gift certificate to ThinkGeek and swag to the person with the most RT's on a #SysAdminLifein5words tweet.


The winning tweet:


Not only do I want to recognize our winner, PoppaTechy, but everyone who shared with us and celebrated SysAdmin Day.


For a good laugh, check out a list of #SysAdminLifein5words tweets:


"try paging the network guys!" @joshtransient


"Well, it was working yesterday..."  @unmemorablename


What's a dot ini? @mchavez46


A Never Ending Oasis of Pain @michaelkern


Saturday night: database maintenance window @meuon


A Swiss Army knife in the company. @xtechsp


Automate all of the things. @VMVernak


Ban all the snowflake deployments. @VMVernak


But that should have worked! @wenestvedt


error case uploading logs endless @lessi001


For those brave souls out there.  @EduPCarneiro


Technology brings joy and pain.  @BigRobOk


I didn't change a thing. @wenestvedt


I think it's the network @kev_johnson


It just automagically fixed itself! @mauderiddick


linux printer zero on fire @BIB_hackerspace


Much to do; little time @music2myear


My server can’t be virtualized @bckirsch


Needed this done last week @mauderiddick


Nights, weekends, lunches, vacations -- ALWAYS.  @wenestvedt


No end to the madness!!! @creoledude


No, it's not the network  @musing_sys


Oh, it's NEVER the network.  @wenestvedt


Patch, reboot, lather, rinse, repeat.  @wenestvedt


Please clean out your email  @VMTurbo @mauderiddick


Please try a reboot first @VMTurbo @k00laidIT


Read-only Friday? You wish. @anthonyrhook


Right after release of shiny new model.... "My phone was stolen yesterday"  @VMTurbo @isdc1316


SAN isn't just the array. @VMTurbo @VMVernak


So snapshots are backups, right? @VMTurbo @ndolson816


Some Finesse; Mostly By Accident @music2myear


Stop everything your doing now @mauderiddick


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