Fear of Missing Out: Here is The One Tip You Need

Blog Post created by angelo.luciani on Jul 28, 2017

Community sites have an abundance of goodness baked in and at times it hard to keep up with the information firehose. The Green Circle is no different, with a variety of discussions, it's sometimes hard to stay current.


If you are having trouble keeping up or have the "fear of missing out," there is a simple tip that can help keep you informed and 'in the know.'


Click the 'follow' button.



For example, if you click the 'follow' button in our product forum space you will be updated about all the public activity from that particular Place.



Following a space is an excellent way to stay current and identify discussions that you can jump into and share your experience or expertise. You can find it on most of our pages.


Try it today and see what you might have missed