• Powered off VMs - Time off

    This report identifies VMs that are powered off today, how many days they’ve been powered off for and how much storage it's being using. In addition, notates what cluster they belong to.      Sam...
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  • Getting Started in the Green Circle

    Welcome to the Green Circle!  If you have not already, login here. Not a member? Sign-up here.   First things first... First things first, we encourage you to set up your profile by adding an avatar and a ...
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  • How To: Green Circle Store

    Please use this as a step by step guide to purchasing items from the Green Circle Store.   "Total Points" This is the total number of points you've been awarded. It is the same number reflected on your profile an...
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  • AWS Cloud computing

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  • How to Earn Points

    We created points to encourage and reward your contribution to the community.  Our Green Circle Store is currently under construction, but you can continue to earn points for helping your peers and contributing t...
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  • Is there a working contact for the Green Circle Store?

    Is there a better contact for Green Circle Store order status? greencircle@turbonomic.com is the address given on the order confirmation email but it appears that mailbox is rejecting email. I've had an order since 9/...
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  • Content type - What is the difference between Discussion, Blog Post & Document?

    A question came up recently about some of the types of posts in the Community and what to use for different purposes.   Simple rules of thumb: Discussion: a question you want to get the community to respond to ...
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  • Meet the Green Circle Team

    We at Turbonomic want to make the Green Circle your go-to-place for all things Turbonomic, and cloud industry. Please contact us with questions, concerns or just to say hello.     Eric Wright Eric is ...
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  • Will GC Store be at US VMworld 2017?

    Will you be running the GC Store from the Turbonomic booth at VMworld to redeem points?
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  • Green Circle Community Login & Support Improvements

    Based on user feedback, we are making some changes to simplify logins and enhance access to our customer support and ticketing processes through the Green Circle. We are always striving to make our community secure, e...
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  • Fear of Missing Out: Here is The One Tip You Need

    Community sites have an abundance of goodness baked in and at times it hard to keep up with the information firehose. The Green Circle is no different, with a variety of discussions, it's sometimes hard to stay curren...
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  • New Features in the community

    What? Where? Browse Your Content, Your Bookmarks and Your Quests from the front page (March 2017)  See available Quests, your created content and your bookmarks with one click from the Browse-menu in the top nav...
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  • Have some fun - Your GC Quests

    Quest  What do you have to do? How to get started? 100 Points Getting started with the GC View Getting started-Guide View How to add pics to your profile Update your avatar Upload a profile ima...
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  • How to Add an Avatar to Your Green Circle Community Profile

    Step 1: Log into Green Circle Community and click on your avatar in the main navigation     Step 2: Click Edit Profile     Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click add another avat...
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  • Setting up your Green Circle Profile

    A community is active and alive based on its membership and participation. Your first step should be to help other community members easily learn about your experience, skills and interests by updating your profile. M...
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  • 5 Easy Ways to Earn a Founder's Duffle Bag & Unlimited Bragging/Bagging Rights

    Last week, my colleague and compadre corey.field provided an update on the Green Circle Community Founders. 38 of 50 spots remain, and all you have to do is reach 1,000 points. 1,000 points earn you a sweet Green Circ...
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  • GC Terms and Conditions

    Turbonomic –  The Green Circle Terms and Conditions   Turbonomic’s The Green Circle is a social business platform that is intended for the exclusive use of Turbonomic, Inc., its subsidiaries, em...
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  • What is your view of the cloud?

    I see a wide range or reactions to the cloud. It seems that vendors, service providers, and carriers are super excited about the clou. How do you feel about the cloud?
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  • Mission: How would you pitch VMTurbo?

    So, nick.casagrande is awesome. We all know that.  Take a look at him pitching VMTurbo on our behalf at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco.     Let's see if anyone can beat him! Get creative and comment w...
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  • Navigating the Green Circle Community

    The content in any community is only valuable if people who need it can easily find it. Fortunately there are some good capabilities built in to the Green Circle help you find what you are looking for fast.   Ho...
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