• Is there a working contact for the Green Circle Store?

    Is there a better contact for Green Circle Store order status? greencircle@turbonomic.com is the address given on the order confirmation email but it appears that mailbox is rejecting email. I've had an order since 9/...
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  • Will GC Store be at US VMworld 2017?

    Will you be running the GC Store from the Turbonomic booth at VMworld to redeem points?
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  • Cannot post or reply on all thread!

    Cannot post or reply on all thread! Any hints?   Thank you   Manlio
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  • GC Jive Site Help! - I can't reply or post a comment.

    Hello Everyone! I'm new here and just got setup and validated my account. I've tried Chrome and IE and either way, I do not have or do not see where I can comment on any open thread. Reading through the Jive help I s...
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  • Points

    I have posted a review on both find the best, and spice works.  when do I get my points?
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  • GAME ON!!!

    Gamification is up and running! Your points were reset to 0 earlier today. As promised, every action you've taken since joining the community was taken into account and your points now reflect the correct total!  ...
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  • POINTS ARE HERE (almost)...

    As you may have noticed, you can now see points on your profile. Unfortunately, they will be going away again.   The points that you see are NOT the proper points you should be awarded. We are in the process...
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