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While vmturbo configuring for XenServer I'm getting the error " Failed to validate 192.168.x.x: XmlRpcException" Can anybody help me resolve this please..!! Thanks in advance. - AB
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From Turbonomic Policy tab, in "Email/Trap Notification"\"Operation Manager Notification", I've setuped email notification in order to understand what can deliver Turbonomic. I am getting mail about: VMTurbo Notification - Free Space is larger than Capacity Severity: Minor   Storage datastore_name_845 Event: Free Space is larger than Capacity… (Show more)
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I am unable to comment in the custom reports section. Can a moderator help?
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I'm not received any keys for health monitor pls send keys to my mail id
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Hi- I am evaluating this product. I manage a number of vApps in my environment. I am trying to track resource usage. I want just two stats per vApp 1) vRAM usage and 2) vCPU. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Is there support Fro Hyper-v 2016 yet?  I keep getting a SELECT error?
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As I'm sitting here at the office at the end of the day, I can't help but let my mind wander to thinking about one of the things I truly enjoy doing the most... Giving and Helping others. I was never a fan of receiving gifts during the holiday seasons (even on my birthday... it always felt a bit strange - not that it's wrong to get something!),… (Show more)
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Hello, I dont see this in the default reports and was wondering if someone could help me make a custom SQL report that gives the following data per cluster (we have 10+)   Cluster 1 Name      -Total Mem Capacity (GB)      -Total Mem Used (GB)      -Total Mem Utilization % (GB)      -Total CPU Capacity (GHZ)      -Total CPU Used (GHZ)     … (Show more)
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