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Managing VDI environments is difficult and unpredictable! Learn how to best set your environment up for success with Turbonomic’s VDI Environments walk-through. Watch this 4-part video series as a whole, or skip around segments to learn the ins & outs on leveraging Turbonomic within VDI-specific environments.   Discover how to optimize your VDI… (Show more)
What can I do to improve my environment's efficiency? VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Turbonomic Top 10 Features: Improve Overall Efficiency Dashboard   To access the Improve Overall Efficiency Dashboard, use the fly-out navigation pane in the dashboard tab of your administrator instance, and select the second option from the top. Once you’ve opened the… (Show more)
How can I understand, one view, the entire state of both my virtual and physical infrastructures? VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Video 1-Creating VDI Groups and SLAs   To find the workload chart, select “workload” in the menu bar. panel depicts the current state of your environment and shows the current number of VMs. The right panel displays the expected… (Show more)
How can I quickly understand what my critical issues are and what I need to do to resolve them? VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Turbonomic Top 10 Features: Health Chart   To access the Health Chart, we will begin in the “Assure Service Performance” dashboard. Once there, your health chart will be in the bottom left corner. This will allow you to see the status… (Show more)
How can I see everything in my topology and how all my entities relate to one another? VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Turbonomic Top 10 Features: Supply Chain   To access the Supply Chain Navigator, select the “Supply Chain” tab. To the left of your screen you will see the Navigator. This view not only shows how Turbonomic models your environment as a supply… (Show more)
How can I run scenarios to plan my workload and understand my infrastructure needs under varying circumstances? VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Turbonomic Top 10 Features: What-if Scenarios   To access this dashboard, click the “Plan” tab located in the navigation bar at the top of your administrator instance. The left side shows you the configuration panel. … (Show more)
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