#vHaiku: Virtualization Haikus

Blog Post created by chris.graham Expert on Aug 11, 2014

Earlier this spring, I got into the habit of penning a new DC or virtualization-themed haiku every day. Only a select group made it to the Interwebs. Here are the rest. Please add yours! (Remember: 5-7-5 syllabification and ideally imply a season)



Who needs all of those servers?
Not you, that’s for sure.

Migrate P2V.
Boy this sure can be tricky.
Oh wait, no it’s not.

Manage resources.
But workloads can change so fast.
Be smart. Go Turbo.

Another alert.
False alarm, what else is new?
Get VMTurbo.


Server room drama.

VMs ballooning again.

Try VMTurbo.



The server room sure is hot.
Try using icecubes?


Simple DRS.

Tries so hard to spread things out.

Life’s not that simple.


Monitoring tools.

Alert. Alert. Alert. Ugh.

Nobody loves me.


The wiry abyss

Of the networking fabric

Is hard to control.


Virtual zombies.

Who spun up all these VMs?

Take THAT zombies. Click.


UNIX and Linux.

Open source popcorn kernels.

Who picked the Penguin?


Storage latency

Can make milliseconds feel

Like deciseconds.


Hybrid cloud service.

Part is private and part not.

Hence the term, “Hybrid.”


Virtual machines

Are like physical machines

With air for chassis.


Too few resources.

Move my virtual machine.

But where? I wonder.


All these guests and hosts.

Do I look like a hotel?

I just act like one.


3am last night.

Phone is no longer ringing.

Thanks VMTurbo.