Comparing VMTurbo to the other "Monitoring" Tools.

Blog Post created by steve.gibbons Expert on Oct 13, 2014

First a little background on me and my use case with VMTurbo.


I am a 2 time VMTurbo customer, I've purchased the product at 2 different companies.  The first company was a dedicated hosting company with a public facing, multi-tenancy cloud.  We needed a product that we could give a login to our customers so that they could see their environment from a monitoring and reporting perspective, and on the back end balance the workloads these VM's where causing.  I will come out and say I am not a fan of VMWare's DRS, as I believe most people are not, its is to reactive and only does something when an issue is apparent.  What sold me initially on VMTurbo was its ability to be proactive with balancing and scaling of VM's.  This was something that was invaluable to our small company.


Currently in my second purchase of VMTurbo I work in a very large payment processing environment.  We need the ability to burst out of processing ability around certain spikes, such as the SuperBowl, tax season, and other large cellphone releases.  VMTurbo has given us that ability to do that and not even think about it.  Same reasons as stated before with workload balancing and scaling of our environment.  We have also used the capacity planning function to not only improve our current environment but plan for the inclusion of acquisitions we are currently going through and the ones we are planning to start.


Enough about how i use this product and more to the title of my post.  VMTurbo is not a monitoring tool.  Yes it does monitor, and yes it can alert, but this is a by product of its actual use.  Fortunately its a very useful byproduct just like Kerosene is during the refining of oil to get gasoline.  VMTurbo is a management engine, it will mange your environment and make decisions about your environment with the efficiency of a composer conducting a symphony (If you cant tell I'm a fan of metaphor's).  Think of this as Skynet, but with some better protections that you can control through the policy engine.  You can tell VMTurbo if you want it to move something or not, when it can or cannot right size a VM.  When it can vMotion or Storage vMotion based on traffic usage or time of day.  And yes finally you can use it as a monitoring tool and a report generator.


Look at it this way, if you want a tool that looks at your environment and alerts you when it sees an issue.  Meaning it  alerts your NOC so they call you, or it sends you a text message so you have to wake up and research the issue to find a fix. Then something such as vCOPS or Nagios is definitely the route you want to go, and this is very helpful sometimes.  But if you want a product that will see the issue as it begins to happen, or sees possible issues, and fixes them before it happens, then sends you an email telling you what it did that you'll see in the morning since you didn't get a call.  Then you definitely want to look at VMTurbo.


Steve Gibbons