Announcing Green Circle Live!

Blog Post created by discoposse Expert on Feb 23, 2015

In light of the great content happening recently in San Francisco with our vmturbofest event, it is the ideal time to announce something very exciting ahead.  We are lucky to have a venue to bring people from the industry together to chat on technology and share in learning experiences.  Now it's time to bring that same enjoyment and community experience to the Green Circle community with Green Circle Live!


This exciting new series will be a live Google Hangout featuring industry leaders, our peers, and most importantly featuring YOU!  In the same way that we have been able to extend the community here in the Green Circle, we will do so in these new, truly interactive sessions.


Green Circle Live! will feature a variety of content from virtualization, to networking, from DevOps to career development, OpenStack to Cloud Foundry, Containers to Content Marketing, and everything in between.  Thanks to the great contributions that our community continues to build here, we have a phenomenal base to build upon.  I am very pleased to be leading out this project.


Keep watching for news and for the announcement of first live show happening very soon!


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