The Endless Summer just ended...remember that time we stayed in the office all weekend?!

Blog Post created by on Sep 23, 2015

As we enter the first official day of Autumn, I’m sure that a large percentage of us are reflecting on a missed vacation or day off that we wish we would have taken this summer. Whether it was to take the family for a week-long getaway to the lake, or just a day off to crack open a few cold ones and relax on the beach with friends.  Too many of us let the opportunity to enjoy life outside of work get away from us.


Work/life balance has been in the spotlight recently, particularly in the tech sector (i.e. Amazon).  My opinion is that it stems from a combination of two things: it IS the culture in IT to work hard, but it’s also a by-product of the industry attracting people who care about what they do and strive to do a good job.  Being on the sales side myself, I work in a super competitive environment – both internally and externally.  I’m judged by numbers, and the more that I work, the more opportunities I have to produce.  There are also a lot of platforms which are viewed as competition to VMTurbo, all using similar verbiage to describe what their product does, though there is always one huge key difference – see if you can spot it:


One will “Help you improve performance”.  The other is “Designed to assure application performance”


It’s a subtle difference, but the main difference boils down to one important factor: with traditional monitoring tools, it’s up to YOU to leverage that tool in order to IMPROVE performance (not assure it).  On the other side VMTurbo’s platform, by design, ASSURES the performance for you.


So what does this have to do with work/life balance?  Let’s say you’re only leveraging monitoring tools for your virtual environment.  Part of your team’s responsibilities includes making sure the businesses applications are always up and running, right? So what happens if you take off and something goes wrong?  Even when you do get around to taking that precious day off, the phone is attached to the hip.  And let’s not even get into the 2am wake-up calls.  These are all very scary things for you as being the one responsible for fixing it, as well as for the business because it obviously means something critical to your business is not working.


The Wall Street Journal put out an article recently titled, ‘Who Will Put Out Company Fires When Tech Workers Are at Burning Man?’ and it got me thinking: why are we still worrying about this?  It’s 2015, and while it’s as, if not more, important as ever that in IT we’re meeting QoS/SLA agreements, we’ve advanced.  We’re no longer 10% virtualized; we’re 60%, 70%, 99% virtualized and with that comes a level of complexity that no human truly can manage with the time constraints we have.


Imagine being on a beach – white sand, crystal clear water, blue skies all around, cold drink in hand. Ahhhhhh… feeling better already, right? Now imagine that you’re not even THINKING about your VMware/Hyper-V/Citrix/hybrid cloud environment because there’s a software platform in place that is preventing fires from happening in the first place.  That VDI project you were tasked with?  Well you got that done ahead of schedule BEFORE you left for the vacation (AND under budget!) because you weren’t pulled away every hour to deal with another alert.


Earlier in the month we asked VMworld attendees to describe their “Desired State” – where in the world would you go if you could go anywhere?  A couple of lucky entrants won a $5,000 and $10,000 grand prize in order to go on that dream trip.  Now what about your virtual data center?  Luckily for the rest of us, VMTurbo offers a free 30-day trial to everyone to help keep your data center in its own desired state, where applications are working as they should and IT resources are utilized most optimally all while the IT team is keeping up with the rate of change within the business.


Maybe you missed out on this year’s Burning Man, but there’s still time to use up those valuable vacation days before they expire at end of the year.  All it takes is 15 minutes to download the trial, and within an hour it’s operational – that’s less time than it takes to deal with some alerts!  Then, grab your significant other (remember her/him?), hop into anything that’s smoking, shut off the phone, and find your own Desired State.


This is not a fantasy, it really could happen!  Tell us: what would it mean for you and your business to have a platform in place which assures QoS for you?