GC On-Demand - Ep. 2 - Community and Growing Outside your Comfort Zone with James Green (@jdgreen)

Blog Post created by discoposse Expert on Jan 16, 2016

Join Green Circle's own Eric Wright (aka DiscoPosse) and James Green as we discuss making the jump outside of comfort zone with the help of community.  James was a Tech Field Day delegate


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The common theme:  Community helps you learn, and to give you the strength to go beyond your personal boundaries.


Show notes from the podcast and links:



The Tech Field Day presentation "Community and the IT Imaginarium" that Eric gave in San Jose





About James Green


James was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. He attended Iowa State University to pursue a Computer Science degree. During an intense period of self-reflection (the University would call it having been ‘academically dismissed,’ but lets not get hung up on semantics!) one of his roommates was able to secure him an internship with the IT reseller/integrator the roommate worked for. And so the IT career began.


James can be found on Twitter at @jdgreen and at his blog http://jdgreen.io where he writes about all things across the technology industry.


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