GC On-Demand - Ep. 5 - Open Source goodness and All Things CoreOS with Alex Polvi (@polvi)

Blog Post created by discoposse Expert on Feb 4, 2016

In this episode, we welcome CoreOS founder and CEO, Alex Polvi.  We talk about what 2015 at CoreOS was like, and what is upcoming in 2016.  We touch on the strengths and challenges of open source, and Alex offers some excellent insight into his vision, that of CoreOS, and how open source is fundamental to delivering on that vision.


We also have a big announcement in this one for the CoreOS team!  Congratulations on hitting the 1.0 milestone release of Rocket! The Security-minded Container Engine by CoreOS: rkt Hits 1.0


You can reach Alex Polvi on Twitter at https://twitter.com/polvi


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  • Building out the GIFEE - Google Infrastructure for Everyone Else
  • Web and digital shift driven by mobile and more causing shift in technology and thinking
  • Understanding the why is the most important first step
  • Fundamentally secure the Internet
  • GIFEE delivers on the goal
  • I love what I call the loosely-coupled corporation of https://coreos.com, https://quay.io, and https://tectonic.com
  • Enabling many more open projects like Kubernetes which uses etcd
  • Finding the white space in the goal and filling it it. So cool!
  • Tectonic is effectively GIFEE in a box
  • All API are open and interoperable
  • Visit CoreOS Fest in Berlin:  https://coreos.com/fest/


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