GC On-Demand Ep. 6 - Automation and Ansible with Jonathan Frappier (@jfrappier)

Blog Post created by discoposse Expert on Feb 7, 2016

In this episode, we welcome Jonathan Frappier (@jfrappier) to talk about using Ansible as an automation and configuration management platform.  Jonathan gives is great details on how to get started with Ansible, ways to learn to up your Ansible game, and what the core reasons for automation are which drive the need for configuration management and automated solutions.

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  • Ansible has good features such as being agent less and with easily readable playbooks
  • Samples can be found at http://galaxy.ansible.com
  • Deploys with a single, simple control machine running on Linux
  • Controls infrastructure components over SSH, WinRM
  • Can run in “pull mode” for servers which want to be more in control of playbook run frequency/timing
  • Success in automation comes from talking with developers (aka DevOps goodness)
  • Automation increases use of policy, compliance, and understanding state
  • Documentation at http://docs.ansible.com


This #vBrownBag on Ansible by Jeff Geerling is a great intro:




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