GC On-Demand Ep. 15 - OpenStack Mitaka Updates, Nova goodness and more with Stephen Gordon (@xsgordon)

Blog Post created by discoposse Expert on Apr 17, 2016

With the OpenStack Summit in Austin, the timing is perfect to catch up on the OpenStack Nova project with Stephen Gordon (@xsgordon).  We had a great chat with Stephen on Nova updates in Mitaka, the overall OpenStack ecosystem, real-time KVM and much more.


We talk about a number of great topics including:

  • Nova updates with Mitaka including Cells v2 and live migration updates
  • Real-time KVM support and the overall real-time feature set for KVM
  • Scaling OpenStack projects and some of the challenges
  • Overall community evolution and the Big Tent approach


Thanks for the great chat, Stephen!


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