Tech Giant or Startup - What is around the corner for 2016 and How do you choose your strategic partner ?     

Blog Post created by amit.panchal on Jul 4, 2016

2016 has already been a bumpy rollercoaster of tech news and we have already seen smaller companies fighting tooth and nail to survive the apocalypse that is upon us. We’ve seen that Nutanix has not yet IPO’d and Atlantis making changes to its strategy into the hyperconverged arena.


Changes are inevitable and we know that the predictions this year are that startups and the smaller companies will struggle to carry on funding rounds whilst the tech giants continue to dominate the market. With cloud companies growing year by year what will the future be like as organisations seek less capex investment and move towards opex based structures ?


Does this concern you and what is your preferred strategy when choosing a suitable vendor to partner with?


It’s difficult to say what’s around the corner but it’s clear to me that companies always look towards less risk, less capital spend and some even base buying decisions on analyst charts. I’d stretch my neck out to say that this year I can see other smaller fish getting eaten by the sharks of our industry.


The press and analysts are always telling us who or what tech to lean towards and attempt to make our lives easier by cutting out some of the homework that we would otherwise have to do. In a way, this is good but it can also be bad since we are being bombarded with a lot of material and have to trade off one bias against another. Finding the right balance of information to help us make an informed decision is a sticky point and not always easy to find.


It’s certainly a dog eat dog world we live in and time will tell if any of these predictions are true but my main question I’d like to pose is to you all is does this volatility in uncertain time make you think twice about who you buy from ? If not, why not ?


Answers on a postcard….