A tale of two cities…..Private Cloud vs. Public Cloud

Blog Post created by amit.panchal on Jul 11, 2016

This one is close to my heart and is always talked about week after week. Depending on what vendors see as the next big thing or downtime of public cloud providers affecting companies who have bought into production running in off premises cloud infrastructure, there is always a frequent publication of articles relating to where consumers should place their workload.


Is there really a right or wrong answer ?


The merits of private cloud strongly favour the security conscious and the holders of crown jewels so important they may never consider off premises production scenarios. Equally, the newer startups based on agility and a DevOps culture always want to adopt a cloud first approach and have no issues with using the likes of Amazon and Azure to host their production apps. Again, we could argue that test/dev is also suited towards public cloud but what happens when you need portability between these workloads and your own private datacenter. It’s not always easy to port from Amazon or Azure between different hypervisors so this has got to be thought about.


Some companies have yet to dip their toe into public cloud. Is this a bad thing in this day and age ?


Surely these companies should be experimenting now before they become the next Blockbuster Video. Well…let me pose this question….how many of you have REAL PRODUCTION workloads in the public cloud ? Of those that have, do they think about security, availability and data protection ?


Don’t get me wrong here. The cost economics of using public cloud are there and I realise why so many familiar names are trusting public cloud vendors with their Tier 1 apps. If you haven’t yet made a decision in your company, it could be worth trying to move cold or archive data to the cloud as your first step before looking at more complex propositions. Either way, public cloud and private cloud gives us the automation and self-service demanded from the business.


The final thoughts I’d like to leave you with are as follows. Public cloud is here to stay but you need to think about your company culture and business motivators before considering what your strategy is. Test drive various providers but don’t forget that keeping cloud on premises should also be at the back of your head if you aren’t a startup and want to deliver agility to lines of business.


So who’s all in with public cloud ????