• Converged, Hyper-converged and all those fluffy terms in between…

    So the story has been said many times over the years but seems to be getting more interest this year. The story of converged platforms has been around for a while in the form of Vblock, Flexpod and other architectures...
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  • A tale of two cities…..Private Cloud vs. Public Cloud

    This one is close to my heart and is always talked about week after week. Depending on what vendors see as the next big thing or downtime of public cloud providers affecting companies who have bought into production r...
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  • DevOps Tools in Periodic Table Format

    This is a really excellent representation of the various tools and components that are referred to as we discuss DevOps. A handy reference for sure!   Thanks to the folks at Xebia Labs for this one.  
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  • The Endless Summer just ended...remember that time we stayed in the office all weekend?!

    As we enter the first official day of Autumn, I’m sure that a large percentage of us are reflecting on a missed vacation or day off that we wish we would have taken this summer. Whether it was to take the family...
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  • Rightsizing Virtual Workloads

    Virtualization has brought an immense amount of flexibility to IT in terms of being able to quickly provision workloads and allocate resources. Another, great benefit is the ability to oversubscribe resources at the h...
    Matt Ray
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  • Ride The Wave

    I started in IT while I was in college, working in the computing lab. I would have done the job for free, just to have the access, but they actually paid me to do it, and more money than I had ever seen as a dishwashe...
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