• What is your Storage Provider of Choice?

    Would be great to know which storage providers our users rely on.   Which Storage Provider do you use primarily?   (If you have more than one storage provider or if your provider isn't listed, either sele...
    Anson McCook
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  • Amazon Echo VS Google Home

    Which one has better ecosystem?
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  • What's your favorite Hyper-converged Vendor?

    What's your favorite Hyper-converged Vendor you use or would use?
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  • Amazon vs VMWare

    Recently VMWare just began running a beta for their Private Cloud solution, offering incentives of up to $10,000 in credits just for participating. See link below.   Will they be able to compete effectively with...
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  • How do your customers get new VMs?

    There are a lot of functionality could be used to optimize Workflows and save Administrators time. How ever also exists the need and reasons to let the Admin provide VMs manual.
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