• What is your Storage Provider of Choice?

    Would be great to know which storage providers our users rely on.   Which Storage Provider do you use primarily?   (If you have more than one storage provider or if your provider isn't listed, either sele...
    Anson McCook
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  • Amazon Echo VS Google Home

    Which one has better ecosystem?
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  • What's your favorite Hyper-converged Vendor?

    What's your favorite Hyper-converged Vendor you use or would use?
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  • Is there any real cost savings by reducing the count of vCPU's and Virtual memory of a VM

    Hello there, I have a doubt regarding the cost recommendations that Turbonomic gives when we reduce vCPU or vMEM. Is there any real cost savings involved when we reduce the vCPU count or reduce the Virtual Memory of ...
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  • GC ON-Demand - Show Directory

    GC On-Demand Player - Show Links Below    GC On-Demand is about technology, business, community and every layer of the stack. We feature guests from all around the technology ecosystem with the goal of bring...
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  • Amazon vs VMWare

    Recently VMWare just began running a beta for their Private Cloud solution, offering incentives of up to $10,000 in credits just for participating. See link below.   Will they be able to compete effectively with...
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  • How do your customers get new VMs?

    There are a lot of functionality could be used to optimize Workflows and save Administrators time. How ever also exists the need and reasons to let the Admin provide VMs manual.
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  • TechForward - Crash Course in Kubernetes Presentation and Video

    It was an adventurous session as we welcomed a great online crowd to the first TechForward webinar featuring a crash course introduction to Kubernetes.   The lab demo was one that I'll remember fondly as we reco...
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  • What's your recommendation for storage platforms for Hyper-V?

    So, I manage a small 3 node Hyper-V infrastructure and looking to upgrade this to a 5 node cluster with a 10Gbe iSCSI SAN. I have got the servers and networking spec'ed but trying to narrow do the storage platform. ...
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  • Welcome to the Green Circle Community!

    How do I get the most out of the Green Circle Community?   That's the easy part!  Just browse, meet folks here that you know, find information that you need about technology and learning, and enjoy! &#...
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  • Enhance request- Monitor Host and Storage Arrays

    6 votes
    I would like to be able to monitor our hosts and storage arrays for failing drives or controllers that could cause machine(s) to die.     Example: Recently we were having issues with a couple of our virtual...
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  • Deeper VCE Support

    9 votes
    Hi   I thinking in deeper VCE Support, maybe a VCE Module.   Functions like VCE Vision: Comparing the RCMs to the installed Firmwares (UCS, Storage) and vSphere Patchlevels.   regards René
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  • Microsoft Azure Stack: A Game Changer?

    Well, it's finally here, Microsoft Azure Stack.   Brandon Butler has a good write up on it in NetworkWorld   Article - Azure Stack: Microsoft’s private-cloud platform and what IT pros need to kn...
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  • Boot2Docker: Fastest Way to Get Up and Running

    You've heard of Docker and not sure how to get started?   Don't want to deploy an entire infrastructure to just to kick the tires?   You're in luck, Jack Wallen from TechRepublic wrote an excellent article...
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  • Sneakernet for the Cloud Era: Google Transfer Appliance

      Put away those thumb drives, things just got a whole lot bigger.   On July 18,  Ben Chong, Google Product Manager announced that Google released a new data center appliance called Transfer...
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  • What is holding you back from using public cloud?

    There are many reasons which make embracing the public cloud a challenge.  The top ones that I've often hit, or hear about among the community include:   Cost Architecture Data sovereignty Privacy and co...
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  • Turbonomic on AWS = wicked quick deployment :)

    There will be some blog content coming soon on this, but it's really exciting to see that you can run your Turbonomic control instance from AWS!   Turbonomic on AWS Marketplace   Make sure to watch the Tur...
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  • AWS Basics & 10,000 Foot Overview of Services

    I recently finished a training where I presented the essential services AWS provides to its customers and some short descriptions on each of the popular services.   AWS - 10,000 FT Overview by thomas burke on P...
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  • New SQL PowerShell CmdLets and more!

    Looks like there are a lot of changes coming up in the world of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 around PowerShell. There are actually a lot of updates that are announced alongside this, but for folks who are keen to script ...
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  • Converged, Hyper-converged and all those fluffy terms in between…

    So the story has been said many times over the years but seems to be getting more interest this year. The story of converged platforms has been around for a while in the form of Vblock, Flexpod and other architectures...
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