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Francis Spedafino
** Updated June 19th, 2018 **   IMPORTANT:  Before proceeding with any update Turbonomic strongly recommends that you prepare a full backup.   The installation procedure will check whether you have adequate disk space, but to save time, you may wish to perform a quick check before proceeding.  To check the disk space usage on your server, SSH…
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Rene Van Den Bedem
With the addition of the Network Module to Turbonomic, has there been any discussion about supporting Network Security systems such as Cisco ASA, Palo Alto Networks, VMware NSX-v, AWS VPC, etc.?   A multi-vendor/multi-cloud Network Security solution is very difficult to get right from a policy and monitoring perspective. The same is true for…
A second thought about cloud in the future is VM mobility on the cloud, working @like IDD. Any VM can be migrated to any cloud platform anywhere in the world in a matter of paying a click. That is, it is more than a cross-cloud platform that supports major service providers integrated on a single platform. It becomes a standardized interface where…
We recently started utilizing the resizing recommendations, setting it to "manual" mode so we can 1-click resize application servers during our maintenance windows. Since a reboot is involved, it is disruptive and we don't want this happening live. Something we noticed is that when the hypervisors (vcenters) are busy, they show up in the resize…
It would be nice if we could possibly create a topology diagram report that we could export since vmturbo knows all the links it could be useful to see in a diagram.
We use DRS and Turbonomic automation. We would like to be able to disable DRS in Virtual Center for a cluster and have Turbonomic disable moves for the same group of VMs.
By default you are unable to access the Turbonomic database unless you are on the instance or connecting through an SSH tunnel.  This can changed so that you are able to access the database through your own code base or using a application. STEP 3 is for OpenSuSE only, STEP 1 and 2 are for both OpenSuSE and CentOS. Here are the steps for opening…
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UPDATED WORK: Application Discovery Setup for Windows (Versions 6.1+)  PREVIOUS WORK:   VALIDATION Yes Turbonomic internal documentation reference Yes Field tested Yes Peer revision   APPLIES TO TURBONOMIC VERSION(S): 5.9.x  6.x   BACKGROUND: Turbonomic and Microsoft (MS) Active Directory (AD) Group…
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We have an internal discussion size a Windows VM. Our policy since we use Turbo is that we build a vm with minimum specs 2 CPU's and 4 GB mem, and enable hot add for both cpu and memory.   There is server request for a print management server  Ysoft. The vendor recommends "the servers have a minimum of 8 x CPU and 16 GB RAM dedicated, Not dynamic… (Show more)
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Necesito un reporte que me muestre las vms huerfanas, es decir, aquellas que estan almacenadas en los datastore pero que no tiene una vm asociada en vcenter.
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