The Reporter encountered an error when displaying the requested report.

Blog Post created by andrea.meyer on May 16, 2014


Unable to generate PDF report format on "Custom Reports" page.    When selecting the "PDF" link to generate a pdf and error occurs and the pdf is not generated.. 


Complete Error Details:

Below is a screenshot of the entire error message:





There are missing fonts on 4.0 appliances downloaded from June 1, 2013 to August 1, 2013.  



Establish a putty (ssh) or console session to the VMTurbo Operations Manager appliance

Login as root (with default password vmturbo)

Execute the following commands:

# zypper in libstdc++6-32bit
# zypper in libXext6-32bit
# zypper in fontconfig-32bit

**Note:  The VMTurbo Operations Manager appliance must have internet connectivity in order to properly update these fonts.