VMTurbo Ops Mgr v4.7 What's New: Cloud Control for Resource Pool Management

Blog Post created by eva.tuczai on Jul 21, 2014

The Green Circle is the First to Know!

VMTurbo Announces v4.7 is NOW GA!  See Ben Yemini's Announcement Thread, and Eva's Post


Product Management is announcing Early Access Availability on June 2, 2014 (Phase 1, and July 28, 2014 Phase 2) to preview, test and provide feedback on Cloud Control for Resource Pools.


If you are using Resource Pools, you know they allow you flexibility and organization to compartmentalize Compute Resources for a variety of reasons including separation of workload by customers or departments, and provide a way to limit access to Compute (Reservations, Limits).


The Challenge is a need to understand how much compute to allocate/reserve/limit to manage workload in the pools as workload demand changes or grows.  You also need insight into the parent/child relationships and hierarchy of Parent & Child pools to know where congestion occurs and where to take Action.


VMTurbo has the Solution to Control and Manage the allocations of resources in a very similar way that VMTurbo provides Cloud Control for a Virtual Data Center (such as current support for vCloud Director, Cloudstack).  In this latest version, Resource Pools have been promoted to become Virtual Data Centers in the Economic Scheduling Engine, so that VMTurbo will give you the ability to Manage, take Actions, and Plan for changes.




Launching July 28th: v4.7 Early Access including Reservations!