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Storage Control Beyond the Datastore

Blog Post created by Ben Yemini Expert on Sep 7, 2014

A recent blog post by will.searle on storage challenges and our Storage Control Module or Workload Edition

The storage layer of virtual environments is truly the foundation of virtualization.  Any persistent or instantaneous problems occurring within the storage units often causes massive performance impacts and inefficiencies all the way up the stack to your applications.  Managing your storage is one of the most difficult tasks involved in IT operations due to how complex and configurable a storage environment can be.

To put this into perspective, imagine a fairly small environment with 5 datastores.  If each datastore is responsible for 25 virtual machines, simply keeping track of how much availability there exists for all 100 virtual machines is challenging, let alone managing it.  The problem is exponentially intensified when you consider other factors such as usage, IOPS, thin provision risk, latency, etc.  With every control point and metric that can be accessed for each datastore, managing the performance and efficiencies at the datastore level is nearly impossible to do in real time.

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