Turbo Tip: Easy Navigation in Optimize Summary

Blog Post created by eva.tuczai on Sep 18, 2014

Being able to visualize the benefits that VMTurbo's Actions provide your environment is important!  It is not only key to seeing for yourself what your Desired State looks like, but to also take that dashboard and communicate it to the organization.  Let's review some tips to help you leverage a quick way to navigate scoping this view to inspect the different scopes.

Starting with the Dashboard Navigation Panel to the left, pin this popup (     ).  When you select the Optimize Summary, you will by default be presented with the Scope of the Enterprise.


Scoping this view provides you the ability to get insight into the benefits of VMTurbo on a per cluster basis.

Next select the Scope button ( ) will launch the Scope as a pop-up.


So here is the tip - narrow the view of the Scope Popup and move it so it overlays the Dashboard Navigation Panel.  The benefit is that wherever you click with in this Scope Popup, you will change the rendering of the Optimize Views dynamically without having to click "Ok" each time.



Here is an example:

Once you get to a view or cluster you like, you can click "Ok" to set the view.


Want to show the progress of taking actions to GET TO and STAY in the Desired State?  Take the view you like, Save it as a Report and then Schedule it Daily to come back and review the progress!


Save this view as a Report and give it a Name















Now in the Reports Tab, find it (use the search bar!) and the select a Schedule for the frequency that you want!


Why not Schedule a Daily report generation and then also email the reports to you

Let us know if this Tip is useful!  Note: the features represented here were introduced in version 4.7 released in August 2014.


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