VMTurbo Early Access v5.0 Announcement: Are You In?

Blog Post created by eva.tuczai on Sep 19, 2014

VMTurbo is pleased to announce Early Access for v5.0 scheduled for a November release


Are you someone who likes to test the LATEST technology and provide FEEDBACK?

Then the VMTurbo Early Access Program wants YOU!  VMTurbo is pleased to announce Early Access availability of version 5.0 introducing new Control Modules around Software Defined Networks, Container Control, VDI and Hybrid Cloud Bursting scenarios, starting SEPTEMBER 22, 2014  for specific control modules and OCTOBER 13, 2014 for all features (note date change).


This year we are going to run this program through the GREEN CIRCLE COMMUNITY!  We hope this provides you a much more collaborative and interactive experience for all of our valuable customers to prompt quick feedback on new releases!


Don’t have ACCESS to the SECRET GROUP for the EARLY ACCESS PROGRAM?  Send me an email right away with what features you would like to evaluate!


Key New Features for you to evaluate:


Custom Reports: Easy Import and Leverage the Community!

VMTurbo continues the reporting enhancements with ability to import SQL through the VMT User Interface, making for a very easy way to create custom reports.  We have also set up a space just for sharing and collaborating on reports, especially for customers on the Green Circle.


New User Experience

User Interface improvements with even more customization options to give you the ability to organize your data and actions the way you want it.


Network Control Module
This release introduces a new module that allows you to manage workload placement and optimization taking into account virtualized networks, and optimizing virtual machine locations for VMs that communicate with each other, to ensure QoS of network latency sensitive applications.


Container Control

Considering running your application in Containers like Docker?  VMTurbo ensures that your containers have the right capacity at the right time based on your workload demand.


Hybrid Cloud Control

This release will support use cases where your stateless applications have the option to burst out to private or public clouds, VMTurbo's analytics will tell you when you need to burst, and where is the best placement to assure performance.


Application Mediation

In this release we provide simplified, ease of configuration for mediation for WebSphere Application Servers to go against the WAS Network Deployment Manager.


Non-disruptive Automated VM Resizing

Mission critical workload that is already configured for HotAdd should be allowed to resize up automatically to assure resources are given in a non-disruptive only mode.  In this release we provide an intuitive workflow and differentiation from other resize actions to leverage wherever you can resize without service disruption.


VDI Control

VMTurbo's unique Economic Scheduling Engine addresses the challenges of activity storms such as anti-virus updates, backups and more that cause I/O bottlenecks but intelligently throttling activities to assure QoS.


We look forward to seeing you on the GREEN CIRCLE EARLY ACCESS GROUP.

Need more encouragement?  Check out the Early Access Incentive Program!



Eva Tuczai

VMTurbo Product Management


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