Turbo Tip: The "update.html" Utility

Blog Post created by eva.tuczai on Oct 9, 2014

Are you an experienced VMTurbo Operations Manager admin, and while you love looking at the benefits of being Green through the VMTurbo UI, you always wondered if there might be another way to perform admin tasks?  Then you might be interested in a light weight web browser GUI that will allow you to do things like:

  • Run an Online or Offline update, and being able to see the status of the update (tail the update log)
  • Export diagnostics or generate the dump but also download it to your desktop for your own viewing
  • Perform a full (config files with DB) or partial (config files only) backup and restore
  • Perform a UI rebranding (applicable to Service Providers that want to share VMTurbo UI with their customers)


You are in luck!

You can use a utility call "update.html" which can be accessed by going to http://YOURVMTurboSERVERaddress/update.html, supplying an administrator user id and password (administrator / administrator default) to be able execute a set of commands that you can run outside of  the VMTurbo GUI, which is a benefit if you want to perform a task like an update that will restart the Tomcat service the VMT GUI is running in.  Prerequisite is to use a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or IE v10 +


The way you authenticate determines which "mode" you will be in.  The modes expose a different set of functions.  To enter the Standard Mode, supply your administrator credentials and click Authenticate.  For Expert Mode, do the same except when you press Authenticate also hold the Control (PC) or Command (Mac) key down at the same time.



Standard Mode has these functions:                                                       Expert Mode has these:


A quick description of each of the functions are below where RED items are available in EXPERT MODE only:


Note the use of this utility is also described in KB articles on offline updates


Stay Green!