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Placement in VDI Environments

Blog Post created by Ben Yemini Expert on Oct 12, 2014

Matt Ray (matt.ray), one of our experts on End User Computing,  wrote a great recent blog post on the challenges of correct placement in a VDI environment and how VMTurbo can help.

Below is an excerpt.

Placement in VDI Environments

Server virtualization has been great for IT. It promises to help drive up datacenter efficiencies while allowing applications to get all the resources they need. But, Virtual environments in general are very complex to manage. We have to look at all the workloads running in the environment and understand the tradeoffs we can and are willing to make between being able to assure performance and drive up efficiency.

VDI promises to allow us to achieve the management and cost benefits we saw with server environments in an EUC capacity, but it also introduces a new level of complexity within the environment. In order to achieve the greatest ROIs a non-persistent pooled methodology is used. The problem this creates is that it takes a key factor away from our arsenal, the ability to resize a machine.

Frequently virtual environment admins will resize a machine in order to make sure that it has the CPU and MEM resources it needs to continue to perform at a desired level. But, if we were to try doing this in a pooled environment we would just end up with a bunch of different sized VMs, and the end user could still end up on a smaller machine due to the random selection of the controller.

One suggestion a colleague of mine made is that we just resize the person. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get away with just telling people to use less resources? Unfortunately that’s a recipe for a bunch of complaints not a solution.

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