Turbo Tip: To Suspend or Not Suspend, that is the Action

Blog Post created by eva.tuczai on Nov 18, 2014

VMTurbo not only identifies actions that remediate and prevent risks to performance, but simultaneously identify ways to run the infrastructure as efficiently as possible,  This means that you may see actions to help identify resources that can be repurposed or reclaimed.  Actions such as downsizing VMs for efficiency, Wasted Storage opportunities, and even moves of VMs off of hosts because that workload can be consolidated without performance risk and then the emptied host is identified through a Suspension action.  A very good recent thread started by parker.race brought this to light.  Sometimes you need to take a moment and consider what opportunities are really being presented, and then determine if these are actions you would take (repurpose a host for other workload demand into another cluster, for example), or do you want the Market to utilize all compute and storage even if over-provisioned for current demand.  With VMTurbo you do have a choice:


Show Me the Efficiency! VMTurbo will identify over-provisioned compute by first driving actions to consolidate workload off of the host with the very low utilization, and not move VMs back on it (so no VM moves will occur onto the host that is being identified as inefficient and a Suspension candidate).  If you are automating, these actions will also automate.

Next you will then see a Host Suspend action, and now this is your opportunity to consider what can you do with this compute capacity that are all ways to save money:

1. Move it to another cluster where demand is high, avoiding the need to purchase

2. Repurpose it for HA or failover capacity

3. Shut it down to save on power and cooling.

All good options, and the choice is yours since VMTurbo has identified this opportunity.


Compute thy name is Over-provisioned. Ok, so sometimes you have to keep that excess capacity running.  Maybe it was prepared in anticipation of an upcoming project, or once compute has been stood up, it is not coming down.  Whatever the business reason is for keeping this compute capacity going, you can let the Market know that those are your goals.  Just go to the Policy tab, expand Action, select Host then the group, and then override the Suspend attribute to be set to DISABLED.  Now the market knows that all compute in that cluster are not eligible for efficiency opportunities, and workload will continued to be distributed across all the capacity.


Tell us which way you use VMTurbo - look for efficiency, or leverage all capacity.


Stay Green,