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Automated Decisions…and Compliments?

Blog Post created by Ben Yemini Expert on Dec 14, 2014

anson.mccook wrote a great recent post about an experience he had with a new customer.


Read an excerpt below.. 


This was a comical story recounted to me by a recent customer. In case you don’t get the punchline and need a little background, the week prior, this customer, Bill, had downloaded and installed a copy of VMTurbo Operations Manager into his production data center. In the setup process, Bill had to give valid credentials for VMTurbo to collect data from his management platform (vCenter, Hyper-V, XenServer, RHEV, etc…) which allows VMTurbo to push out its control actions.


Sure, Bill should have created a service account to collect and act on that information but what’s a day in the data center without a little fun?


So after Bill got VMTurbo up and running, he began reviewing the data that was presented to him. Quite a bit different from a monitoring tool, VMTurbo was outlining all the different actions Bill should be taking to eliminate existing and future risks and inefficiencies. The eventual reaction Bill had to seeing all of these actions was, “Ok, well how do I automate them?”


Skipping to the middle panel of the cartoon, you can see the results of automation. Because Bill forgot to create a service account, VMTurbo’s actions were showing up in the logs as having been executed by him. And because the data center never sleeps and workloads are always fluctuating, VMTurbo’s health-actions were being taken around the clock. And that’s where the boss’s praising of Bill for his late-night efforts comes into play.


The rest of the story is here...


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