VMTurbo Early Access v5.1 Announcement: Are you in?

Blog Post created by eva.tuczai on Dec 30, 2014

VMTurbo is pleased to announce Early Access for v5.1 scheduled for a February 2015 release


Are you someone who likes to test the LATEST technology and provide FEEDBACK?

Then the VMTurbo Early Access Program wants YOU!  VMTurbo is pleased to announce Early Access availability of version 5.1 introducing improved Demand Control with the Application Control Module, Continuous Projections & Reservation enhancements, and new platform support on Storage Control Module with HP3PAR and Pure Storage starting DECEMBER 29, 2014 for Storage Platform testing, and JANUARY 9, 2015 for all features.


To maximize self-service and collaboration, we will run this program again through the GREEN CIRCLE COMMUNITY!  We hope this provides you a much more collaborative and interactive experience for all of our valuable customers to prompt quick feedback on new releases!

Need more encouragement?  Check out the Early Access Incentive Program!


Don’t have ACCESS to the SECRET GROUP for the EARLY ACCESS PROGRAM?  Send me an email right away!


Key New Features for you to evaluate - CALLING ALL JAVA SHOPS:


Application Mediation

In this release we provide simplified, ease of configuration for mediation for WebLogic and JBoss Application Servers (WebSphere was available in 5.0).  Are you running Java Applications? Send me an email to get started!


Application Control - The Next Generation

Better management at the pinnacle of the Demand & Supply Chain - control your application servers by defining the best placement and configuration, and driving actions to resize heap, thread pools, and determine when to create another instance of your application.


Continuous Projections & Reservations Enhancements

Answer the question of what does the Desired State look like for my environment when projected into the future, and when introducing changes in Demand over different periods of time.  Simulate the future based on Reservations and future Demand and Supply changes.  Also Plan based on High Workload Demand!


New User Experience

Answer the question "What is the Desired State for my Demand?" with a more customizable Workload Chart!  Also leverage your Custom Reports in creating a new Dashboard in the new widget "Query Results".


Storage Control

VMTurbo continues to expand Storage Platform coverage with HP3PAR and Pure Storage support.


We look forward to seeing you on the GREEN CIRCLE EARLY ACCESS GROUP.

Need more encouragement?  Check out the Early Access Incentive Program!



Eva Tuczai

VMTurbo Product Management


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