Turbo Tip: Custom Dashboards and the Query Results widget

Blog Post created by eva.tuczai on Feb 14, 2015

Do you like using the Custom Reports feature?  First introduced in v4.7, but then made easier in v5.0 with a better user interface workflow to add the queries via the Reports Tab, this feature allows for flexibility to use your data the way you want to (For more information refer to Custom Reports: Start Here).


Now introduced in v5.1, VMTurbo gives you the ability to take those queries and create a custom dashboard from them.  This allows you to:

1. Create a single dashboard and then a report (Dashboard -> Report feature already built in) that can represent more than one query in a single report

2. Allow you to get data on demand - useful if you have queries that rely on hourly data.


Step 1: Create a Custom Report from the Reports Tab. (For more information refer to Custom Reports: Start Here)


Step 2: Go to Dashboards and create a Custom Dashboard where you will see a new widget when you scroll to the bottom called "Query Results"

Step 3: Select the Custom Report you want the query to render within the panel in the dashboard.  NOTE the list that is presented in based on what you have created in Step 1, and a few OOTB examples like Top 20 reports.

Step 4: Mix and match with any other widget or more custom reports, and save.  Now this dashboard will render when you launch it or save it as a new UI2Report custom report that can also be scheduled and emailed.


Take consideration in that the query will get invoked every time you open the dashboard and on the user interface retry intervals (default is 10 min).  The performance will be dependent on the performance of your query.