Turbo Tip: Planning with High Workload Demand Baselines

Blog Post created by eva.tuczai on Feb 14, 2015

in Operations Manager v5.1, VMTurbo Engineering continues our Innovation in defining a better way to use your data to answer important questions on how to plan for future demand based on using past High Demand periods!  This Turbo Tip reviews how to leverage a new feature we introduced with High Workload Demand available in the Plan tab.  Remember to consult your VMTurbo User Guide for more information.


As of Operations Manager v5.1, VMTurbo will continuously compute what is the total price of workload demand for every cluster you have for the purpose of storing the snapshot of the highest periods.  This price is then compared to the snapshots that are being stored.  Operations Manager will then automatically store the TOP 3 highest priced demand periods as snapshots to be used in planning for high demand periods.  When a new high demand period is seen, this list of Top 3 is updated, giving you the ability to load this information into plan no matter how long ago this period occurred.


When you come to the Plan tab and select "High Workload Demand" you will see a new icon in the workflow of setting up your plan:

When you select this option, you will be presented with a list to select from the Top 3 High Demand periods stored for the scope you are in:

Selecting a new period will adjust the Plan:

The changes will reflect the Workload = Virtual Machines and their utilization at the time of this baseline.  This Workload snapshot will be reflected on the CURRENT Supply (Hosts and Storage, and any other Supply entities).


When you run the plan the results will answer your question of how to assure performance and efficiency using that High Demand Workload profile:


Want to take this High Workload Demand baseline and plan for projections?  Review how to use this in Continuous Projections also introduced in v5.1 Turbo Tip: Continuous Projection Planning