Rob Zweistra

Hello i am robert and i do backups

Blog Post created by Rob Zweistra on Feb 3, 2016

Hi my name is robert and i am a backup specialist now for over 20 years.

The ICT world is changing constantly, sometimes slow , sometimes fast .

I am currently trying to get deduplication in so we can save space and store more.

In my current job with Rademaker we work in a NOVELL environment with XENSERVER as our park. we have 14 hypervisors with over 100 vm's.

All vms are either window 7,windows 2008 (soon to be replaced by windows 2012) and suse linux enterprise 11 sp2/3.

Our mail server is groupwise with vibe and our online synchronisation software is Novell FILR.

As you can see this is all standard or not. It gives us a lot of challenges and this is what drew me to VMTURBO as this supports our XEN environment more than any other peace of softwar i have seen for a long time.


As I am new to VMTURBO I have no idea yet what i can do with it and if it is worth the price we eventualy might pay for it. That said the first impression are

wow aww and oh .


I will blog here to update all the info about our endeavor to get new backup and storage in !