Rob Zweistra

second impression

Blog Post created by Rob Zweistra on Feb 5, 2016

After looking around it makes us hopefull.

The funpart is learning how to use and interpret all the tools features.

I am interested in the application control module and it's interaction with databases. Which brings me to another thing I do not see SAP as supported platform.

curious as to how that is going to work for us .

Our sap environment is currently configured to use 128 Gb of memory and 0 for the OS so i want to see as to how analysis and or advice would come out of vmturbo.

We use sap for our solidworks environment for cad-development. Our content server contains all the drawings our engineers made and als the p&O part is implemented. Being non HighAvailable  and not working well with our backup software we need to take a better look at it.

so hopefully there is a possibility for finetuning and reconfiguration suggestions. This said it is off course not the tool that needs to better our sap environment but we should make a better design .



we are looking at the possibility to replace our current backup environment with Unitrends solution which uses snapshot-technology .

Because our environment is misconfigured and filled to the max , snapshotting will not work (yet). Here VMTURBO would help with bettering the storage usage overall.

coming tuesday we will have a demonstration of vmturbo ,so looking forward to that.