Creating dashboards with data from the VMTurbo API

Blog Post created by rudi on Mar 16, 2016

We have recently purchased VMTurbo and been working on automating the workload placement for our VMs. Additionally we have been playing around with the many dashboards and creating our own custom dashboards.

We have lots of screens around that screams for information to show and we want to present some data about our virtual environment.


Of course the VMTurbo built-in dashboards and the flexibility of those, as well as the ability to create custom ones gives us some possibilities, but one big drawback is the fact that we still need Flash..


Previously we tested vRealize Ops Manager and some of the guys really liked some of the widgets they could create, especially the heatmaps with all VMs sized by some value and sorted and grouped by hosts and cluster.


To give the guys some of the same look and feel as VROM we decided to test out the VMTurbo API and see what we could get from that.


This resulted in a treemap chart which shows all VMs and utilizes the CPU Ready value retrieved from the API.


The first level shows the clusters in the environment. All the little boxes are VMs which are sized by a value, and tied to their parent, the host which is sized by the combined value from it's VMs.

The VMs are colored by the CPU Ready value (apologies for the masked names, it shows the name of the Cluster)


The chart can be drilled down, from the overview of clusters to all hosts in a cluster (again apologies for masked hostnames):


Finally we can drill down to one specific host which will show the VMs of the host, sized and colored by the CPU Ready value of the VM



This treemap chart is built by using a Javascript plugin from which I've been testing and evaluating. The treemap is built by a "Squarified Treemap algorithm" ( ). It's free for non-profits and personal use, but not for commercial. There are certainly other alternatives out there, but I like the ease of use Highcharts gives me.


Another view we like on a dashboard is the Top10 VM utilization.

We've created a few boxes like these which shows the Top 10 VMs in several categories:


This is created with HTML5 and Javascript only utilizing data from the VMTurbo API.

We have created Top 10 boxes for both the current utilization, and historical data (last 24 hours).

The lines will be sized by their value and the color is set by thresholds related to the utilization category.


All of the charts created are set to refresh on given intervals and this creates nice dynamic dashboards that our information screens like :-)