Top 5 Handy Operations Manager APIs

Blog Post created by tariq.elouzeh Expert on Jun 24, 2016

Using APIs is definitely very useful for automation. We at VMTurbo value automation and control so we put a lot of effort in optimizing our REST APIs and making sure they provide the needed access to Operations Manager.


Our REST APIs cover a variety of areas, but I chose the top 5 areas that I believe would provide very important details about the environment.

p.s. this is based on API v1.0


1. List and execute current recommendations

    • To list current recommendations: GET to
    • To Execute a recommendation: POST to

2. Get your environment statistics

    • Overall environment: GET to
    • Or per cluster: GET to


3. View the details of your environment entities

    • To view all virtual machines details: GET to
    • To view all physical machines (hosts) details: GET to
    • To view all storages (data stores) details: GET to


4. Targets details and discovery

    • To get all targets details: GET to
    • To rediscover all targets: POST to
    • To rediscover a specific target: POST to


5. View the action settings

    • To get details about action settings categorized per PM cluster: GET to


Take a look on the full API documentation on the Green Circle Documentation section.