Where do we get the Plan "Savings/Investment" value?

Blog Post created by rebecca Expert on Jun 30, 2016

After running a plan, you may notice at the bottom of "Plan Summary" a monetary value. It is shown as either an investment or a savings. This example is from Operations Manager 5.5.

This comes directly from the change in number of hosts shown in the Environment Summary. It says the plan added 1, and suspended 9. We can use the actions list to identify which hosts were suspended and provisioned.

(Hint: Sort the "To Do" column)


The Plan uses a cost for hosts. It is defined in Policy View > Analysis > Hardware Costs. "Host hardware cost" can be modified.


This may not be the only value used for the Savings/Investment calculation. Hosts matching a template use the template's infrastructure cost, if configured.


How can a template be configured to associate with a cost?


Go to the Policy View > Infrastructure Cost > Host. This displays the host template catalog. Each template can be edited to "Add to Infrastructure Cost Policy", and configured to have a Price. For this example, look at the Medium, and Large template prices.




How do we know which hosts match a template?


We can scope the Dashboards View to find out!

Under Groups > By Cost, see which templates have been associated with a cost.Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 1.46.26 PM.png

We can match any of the hosts shown in this list with the hosts that were added or suspended in our Plan action list.




Adding a host is considered an Investment, and suspending a host is considered a Savings.