Welcome to the Turbonomic Community!

Blog Post created by discoposse Expert on Aug 17, 2016

Community begins with you.  We couldn't do the things we do without such a strong community of technologists and champions that we have seen grow over the last few years.  That's what makes our big announcement to rename our company to Turbonomic becomes even more special because we share in the results with everyone here every day.


Long Live the Green Circle!


The GC community is a fundamental part of our culture at Turbonomic.  Both as a way to bring news and howtos about our platform to the community where we solve customer IT challenges every day, but as a place to nurture the exciting community of technologists from all around the world who come here to share their content.


Among some exciting highlights that I wanted to bring up for you, we featured our recent first set of Green Circle Guardian posts from amit.panchal which helped to spark some exciting conversations:


We just published our 30th GC On-Demand podcast as well, and you can find all of our shows here!

gcod-header.pngThe VMworld community group has been growing like crazy and the points missions are super active and also very fun! Make sure to join in on the fun there.


Our VMworld schedule is published including the booth presentations, TechForward presentations, and we will be posting any changes to the page live during the event in Las Vegas from August 29th-August 31st in Booth 1139 on the Expo floor.


Make sure to drop by and say hello at VMworld Las Vegas, and watch for details about VMworld Europe and many more community meetups that we will be seeing you all at in the future.


Thank you for all of your support through our Turbonomic journey together! As we love to say, IT's ON!