Tips for configuring a Schedule under action mode settings

Blog Post created by aaron.simms Expert on Jan 19, 2017

First a big shout out to Umar for his help solving our Scheduling problem! Once again we received  a quick response and resolution form Turbonomic's tech support.


We are a big fan of using Turbonomic's automation and learned a while back that you need to disable automation during your back-up window. Recently we noticed some VMs were moving during our "disable" time. It ended up being a problem with setting options at the top level and the cluster level along with how we originally configured our schedules.


With Umar's help we were able to streamline our configuration.


Here are some things to consider when you are working with the schedule settings:

     When you need to set a time when moves and changes need to be disabled like during your backups

          Configure the items you want to automate at the top level like "Virtual Machines by PM Cluster" to "Manual". Then

          Create a schedule for setting this to "automate" outside of your backup window.

     We then disabled moves and resizing for a couple of clusters by setting them to disabled at the cluster level. This is          much easier than changing rules for 34 clusters!


     When you set the time in the schedule the change doesn't take effect until that time. For example if you configure an      action for "automate" from 6am to Midnight at 3pm in the afternoon the rule is not processed until Midnight and then 6am      the next morning.