Why is Turbonomic Provisioning a Host with Low Utilization?

Blog Post created by robert.fagnoni Expert on Apr 12, 2017

Are you seeing "Provision New Physical Machine" actions and don't understand why?

We are going to look at a specific host details to diagnose these actions.

As we can see in the screenshot memory does not look over-utilized although the reason to provision is because of "Critical Mem congestion."  To further investigate we need to expand the "Resources" panel.

The percentage that is shown under "Utilization %" is based off of the capacity of the host, however many customers have High Availability (HA) or other ways to reduce the capacity Turbonomic can use.  You can find the capacity Turbonomic uses under "Effective Capacity".

To find the actual Utilization % (Effective Utilization %) that is used out of the available capacity you need to do the following:

Effective Utilization % = ( Used / Effective Capacity ) * 100

Effective Utilization % = (149203328 / 201153952) * 100

Effective Utilization % = 0.7417 * 100

Effective Utilization % = 74.17

Since 74.17% is greater than 70% which is about what the default desired state tries to keep resources under a Provision New Physical Machine action is given.