Running Turbonomic 5.8 in TV Mode

Blog Post created by discoposse Expert on Apr 18, 2017

Sometimes you're going to want to see something up on the TV in the network operations center, and thanks to a very cool new option in Turbonomic with the new HTML5 UI, you're in luck!


IMPORTANT NOTE:  This is a depiction of the Turbonomic version 5.8 UI.  Many positive changes and enhancements will continue to come, so as we see updates in future, the images here may not be accurate to future revisions.


Launching Turbonomic 5.8 in TV Mode 


Getting there is super easy.  Just log in to the HTML5 interface to get to the main screen.  In the upper right side of your browser window there is a settings button (the gear picture):

TV Mode Setting

That will launch a different looking view which is something we will continue to expand on as we develop and hone the HTML5 interface.  The default view will illustrate the entire supply chain across your environment and some important information including Pending Actions (right-hand pane), and the Risk Index chart (center):


This is just the beginning, so keep watching as we bring more updates and widgets to the TV mode option.  While the real value in Turbonomic comes in many different ways, this is a very popular feature that has been asked about in the past. 


Thanks to the UI team and our great community for bringing this to Turbonomic 5.8!