June Top Community Contributors

Blog Post created by angelo.luciani on Jul 12, 2017

Where do you turn when you are looking for feedback or have a question?


To you community of course!


The Turbonomic community is no different; we have a remarkable group of folks that enjoy collaborating, sharing ideas and helping peers find the answers they need.


Each month we like to highlight our top community contributors, these are folks that have taken the time to share their knowledge and improve the lives of others in the community.


These are our top community contributors, be sure to follow them by clicking the follow button on their profile to stay current with their activities.


NameFollow These Accounts
Rene Van Den Bedemvcdx133
Mahmoud Nassarmahmoud.nassar
Ofrates Siringan
Niko Penderoknikop


Hope to see you on the list next month! Thanks for being part of this community and let's make July outstanding!